WindowTalk 2

Endless possibilities, new insights, changing composition and color

Bart Verburg

An important aspect in my work is the ongoing process, the endless possibilities, new insights, changing its composition and color. A painting for me is never finished. I work on several paintings at the same time and every day I see the work I did the day before. I find it particularly interesting to look at the painting with new eyes, as if it were white canvas. As a result, my paintings are layered and there for they contain history.

At the end of the day, I take a picture, which I post on Instagram. These photos are all that is left. Nevertheless, the overpaintings remain a determent factor and as a viewer you experience these structures as the history of the work.

&&& Installation view
&&& Installation view

For &&& I presented a mixed media installation; an embroidered painting, embroidery thread, copies of illustrations. I wanted the audience to wonder whether the work was finished, or….?

Tower of Babylon – Bart Verburg
Double Tetraeder – Bart Verburg 2020