WindowTalk 3

WindowTalk 3 Dream Sequence Joost van Ophem Lullabies II by 404 [editors’ note: we invite you to listen to Joost’s music while reading the text] Dream Sequence is a photographic documentation of the search for unconscious compositions in daydreams. This research in wandering around in a subconscious has resulted in finding unexpected images. The initial… Continue reading WindowTalk 3

WindowTalk 2

Endless possibilities, new insights, changing composition and color Bart Verburg An important aspect in my work is the ongoing process, the endless possibilities, new insights, changing its composition and color. A painting for me is never finished. I work on several paintings at the same time and every day I see the work I did… Continue reading WindowTalk 2

Edition 0 x UITnacht During the Arnhem UITnacht 2020 organized their first event; Edition 0. We presented a short film by Donna Verheijden and the band Eatle performed during the event. About Eatle:Steven Vinkenoog, Floris van Rijswijk, Marc Schouwenberg and Joost van Ophem. Improvisations based on minimal compositions. Everything is predetermined and at the same… Continue reading Edition 0