WindowTalk 11

Wie Schön ist die Natur … Peer Veneman Peer Veneman is beeldhouwer, schilder, tekenaar graficus en assemblagekunstenaar. Hij volgde de Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten Sint-Joost in Breda en maakt vooral driedimensionaal werk. Vanaf de jaren 80 maakt hij kleurrijke beelden van hout, die niet figuratief, maar ook niet abstract zijn. Later ging hij ook beelden… Continue reading WindowTalk 11

WindowTalk 5

Summer invites spectators to imagine the life and emotion of every outline that she drew.” To her, type design is more than a letterform, craft, or functional tool. When making typefaces, her primary focus is telling stories and exploring the lives and emotions of these typefaces. The installation of the type specimen series <In between… Continue reading WindowTalk 5

WindowTalk 3

WindowTalk 3 Dream Sequence Joost van Ophem Lullabies II by 404 [editors’ note: we invite you to listen to Joost’s music while reading the text] Dream Sequence is a photographic documentation of the search for unconscious compositions in daydreams. This research in wandering around in a subconscious has resulted in finding unexpected images. The initial… Continue reading WindowTalk 3

WindowTalk 2

Endless possibilities, new insights, changing composition and color Bart Verburg An important aspect in my work is the ongoing process, the endless possibilities, new insights, changing its composition and color. A painting for me is never finished. I work on several paintings at the same time and every day I see the work I did… Continue reading WindowTalk 2

WindowTalk 1

Bram van Leeuwenstein is a multidisciplinary artist and designer based in Arnhem. He works with a multitude of materials and textures. His specialism is amongst others; working with porcelain and ceramics. But he also welds, makes set-designs, interiors and sculptures. Bram has a love for cooking, using fresh herbs and vegetables from his garden. He is… Continue reading WindowTalk 1

Edition 0 x UITnacht During the Arnhem UITnacht 2020 organized their first event; Edition 0. We presented a short film by Donna Verheijden and the band Eatle performed during the event. About Eatle:Steven Vinkenoog, Floris van Rijswijk, Marc Schouwenberg and Joost van Ophem. Improvisations based on minimal compositions. Everything is predetermined and at the same… Continue reading Edition 0