WindowTalk 3

WindowTalk 3

Dream Sequence

Joost van Ophem

[editors’ note: we invite you to listen to Joost’s music while reading the text]

Dream Sequence is a photographic documentation of the search for unconscious compositions in daydreams.

This research in wandering around in a subconscious has resulted in finding unexpected images. The initial stages of this research where motivated by a search for a sense of calm in a chaotic mind. The first steps these resulting visuals take out of the subconscious are usually in the form of analog photography but can ultimately manifest in any medium.

Wall V – Joost van Ophem

Analog photography is used as a tool in order to cross a bridge between what you have taken a photo off and what you have visualised in your head. The difference between these two realities becomes apparent when developing the film in the darkroom. Often the final attempt to recreate the initially found visuals manifest in a mixture of photography, soundscapes and a combination of audiovisual material and performances.

Ex-titan – Joost van Ophem